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GRE Quantitative Maths Practice MCQ Test 2

The Maths Vidya GRE Quantitative Reasoning practice test is a list of multiple-choice questions, which helps you to know where you stand and how much practice you require to get good score in GRE. Maths Vidya is the best institute in Chandigarh offers excellent GRE Maths Coaching.


1. A car covered 130 miles using 4 gallons of diesel. What distance would the same car cover, under similar conditions, on 6.7 gallons?


2. If plotted in the same rectangular system of axis, the graphs of f(x) = | |x| – 4 | and g(x) = 2 will have:


3. Which of the following is the largest?


4. | |- 10 – 19| – 20 | = ?


5. The algebraic expression x / (x + 2) is undefined if x =


6. (√5 – √7)(√5 + √7) = ?


7. the figure below the sides AB and AC of triangle ABC have equal lengths. Find the size of angle ABC.

gre problem 7


8. If y= 10° in the figure below, what is the value of x?

gre problem 8


9. By what percent will the volume of a rectangular solid increase if its length, width and height increase by 25% each?


10. What is the average of all prime numbers between 20 and 40?


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