9th to 12th Class Maths

How to Prepare for Mathematics Exams?

You can easily get the high score in Mathematics from class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th CBSE NCERT. If you are clear the basic concepts and practice daily by using different formulas and techniques.

Below are the basic recommendation to score high in any type of exams:

  • Maths calculations are lengthy and time consuming so learn the Vedic Maths Tricks to solve the lengthy questions. Maths Vidya Institute gives students Vedic Maths extra classes so that they can do lengthy calculations in few seconds.
  • Avoid the silly mistakes in Maths.
  • Make a short note book or diary, which can fit in your pocket or wallet. Write down the formulae and tables that you need to memorize.
  • Practice – Practice – Practice. Formula for getting high score in Maths. Choose to practice daily at least one hour for each chapter or topic.
  • Clearly write the solution for each question. Also, read the instruction carefully in exams.

Syllabus: First thing you should be clear about is your syllabus. You should follow the syllabus in classrooms for each chapter and when you come back to home, don’t forget to revise the chapters and make notes for clarifying the doubts with your teacher.

Highlights the Formulas and Important Points: When you go through the NCERT book or other books, you should have to highlight the important formulas and notes for reading it later.

Maintain Separate Notebooks: Always keep in mind to create the separate notebook. This will help before the exams as you can just grab the notebook and revise the portions you want to read.

Make Time Table (Time Management): Create the time table for everything and manage your tasks accordingly.

Maths Vidya provide quality Mathematics coaching from 9th to 12th class students. We not only teach the students but provide the career guidance as per his/her interest and choice. You can go through our student’s success videos.

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